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Not safe anywhere?

Century 16 theaterThe shootings early this morning at the Aurora theater remind me of how fragile life can be. It can be gone in a split second, when you least expect it. All of the people in that theater had anticipated a great time, and were enjoying themselves tremendously, until something happened to change their lives forever.

We lived within 10 minutes of Columbine when those shootings happened, and it shook me to my core. The fact that the Century 16 is a half-hour’s drive doesn’t make it feel any less close to home.

It’s all so very tragic and sad. And I can’t stop watching the videos, listening to the interviews, and grieving for those involved. Their lives, and the lives of their families and friends, will never be the same.

I called my daughter as soon as I heard. Even though I logically knew she was nowhere near the scene, I had to hear her voice and make sure she was okay. Fortunately, none of her friends were there either. So many mothers are in pain right now, and having nearly lost my own child, I can empathize. I know there is nothing that can ease the agony of a dead child. The pain stays with you forever.

And then I think of the mother of the shooter. To know that someone she carried inside her, that she nurtured for many years, and of whom she was most likely very proud, could do such a thing would have to have torn her world apart. Reports that state that she knew they had the right person makes me wonder what she knew. Could she have done something to prevent this? Had she tried to get him some help? She’s probably asking herself these same questions. She’s probably blaming herself for not trying hard enough; for not pushing him to get help when she knew he needed it.

I don’t blame her. Any loving mother would encourage a troubled child to seek counseling. She’d try hard, and repeatedly. Unfortunately, the stigma given to mental illness often stops people from reaching out. My heard aches for her, as well.

I have no inside information about what was going on in his head. However, if he dropped out of school, something was wrong. He was on the path to a rewarding career, and then stepped off. It’s hard to believe that anyone in their “right mind” would do something so horrific. He might have been extremely depressed, to the point where he was completely out of touch with reality.

What’s the answer? It’s not gun control. Nor is it to issue weapons to everyone and reliving the Wild West. It’s absolutelyNot putting metal detectors in movie theaters. They don’t make us any more safe. They just remind us to be afraid. Afraid in the same way as the TSA screenings, which have never resulting in the capture of a single terrorist, but have completely disrupted the lives of travelers, reminding of that evil is all around us, all under the illusion of “safety.”

One answer is to de-stigmatize mental health issues. If more troubled individuals could seek professional help without the possibility of public ridicule, and the risk of losing jobs, standing in the community, or whatever they fee is at risk when they admit they need help, more of these troubled individuals would be taken care of, without injury to anyone else.

This may not be the only answer, but it’s a start.

If I Wanted America to Fail

I’ve long said that I don’t worry about energy conservation because there is an abundant amount of low cost energy, I believe in evolution, so we may be creating new resources for future generations with all the things we throw away, and if the earth does run out of resources, I’ll be long dead by then.

Actually, none of those reasons are a joke. Environmental extremism is out of control, and is killing our country.

Al Gore is wrong, and probably the biggest hypocrite of the entire environmental movement.

This powerful video exemplifies all the things wrong with the environmental movement, and how it’s brainwashing our citizens, and worse yet, educating our children in a lie. It is killing our economy, closing down businesses, and eliminating jobs. People are losing their homes and their livelihood because of the lies that are being spread. If this continues, our children, and their children, have no future. It must stop.

If I wanted America to fail, I wouldn’t change a thing.

As stated on their page: “The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact. And we’re here to challenge it. On Earth Day, visit

Fight Internet Censorship

The people in the entertainment industry want Congress to pass a bill to censor the internet.  It’s called “Protect IP” and the “Internet Blacklist” and it will kill all social sharing sites, just for starters. Yes, here in the land of the free, where freedom of speech is our first Amendment, people with way too much money want to make sure no one gets in the way of them making even more that they can waste on frivolous stuff while pretending to care about the rest of us.

Contact your Congressional Representative now, and tell them to vote against this special interest bill, or you could become a felon, just for recording yourself singing along to the radio, or doing any of the other silly things we do online that entertain us for free on a daily basis.

Don’t let Hollywood and Congress kill the internet!


This post has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen.

I love winning. Winning is awesome. Especially in a “I fought the law and I won” kind of way.

We (by which I mean “husband”) got a speeding ticket January 26 in the “speed traps are an excellent revenue stream” town of Sheridan. Read my initial rant.

speed trapNot one to sit back and take the abuse, husband did some research. He’s awesome at research. Turns out, state regulations require all speed limit signs to be posted a minimum of 7 feet from the ground to the bottom of the sign. So, the sign, which didn’t meet regulations, could not be enforced. Win.

Furthermore, since cars were parked all along that side of the street, the “School Zone” sign wasn’t visible, and could not be enforced. Win.

Since there was no other speed limit sign on the street, the 30 mph speed limit for residential areas was the only one they could enforce. We were traveling at 31 mph, which could be explained away by possible deviations in equipment calibration. Win.

We took photos and video to prove our case, and gave them to our fabulous attorney, Geoffrey Pearson. He spoke to the DA, who refused to dismiss the case, and gave us a plea bargain of a one-point violation of a defective headlamp. Thinking that was probably our best bet, we accepted and went into court.

The traffic court judge took the plea, and ordered husband to pay $200 in fines, plus $50 in court costs. And then, totally unexpected, he said there was still an issue of a defective sign, and said if we provided proof within 120 days, he’d drop the points. When good old Geoffrey showed him the evidence husband had gathered, the judge reduced the points to ZERO. Big win.

Geoffrey said this never happens. The judge never overrules a plea bargain. After our case was over, the judge took husband’s evidence, called the bailiff (a cop) up to the bench to talk to him about the sign. I hope this means the sign gets raised, and other law-abiding people aren’t victimized by this speed trap.

The moral of the story: A little bit of research can save you a few bucks. Better in your pocket than the court’s.

When we went out to run errands on Sunday, the City of Sheridan tried (unsuccessfully) to get into our pockets one more time. They had their photo-radar van parked on a street with road construction (and no workers, because it was SUNDAY). Because they’re all about public safety. And because road construction areas are double the fine of any other street.

We’re wise to your games, Sheridan. We got you this time. You won’t get us again. Because we play to win.

Chucky’s Wild Ride

You know life is too serious when you can’t trust a stuffed pony anymore.

When I was little, I had a stick pony. I loved that pony. He was my best friend when there was no one else around to play with. We had the greatest adventures as my imagination transformed the back yard into the Wild West, quiet forests, and great expanse of wilderness that each outing required.

Unfortunately, kids today are not so lucky. Thanks to the Red Alert Level mentality of alarmists who see conspiracy and threats around every corner, stuffed ponies are now on the Watch List for dangerous activity.

A quote from the news:
Members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad blew up a 2-foot-high stuffed pony on Tuesday. Neighbors said the placement of the stuffed toy made it appear suspicious to them. The toy was found in a cul-de-sac next to a park near Waterbridge Elementary. “It just looked like it was placed in a really suspicious place,” resident Scott Kilwein said. After it was deemed suspicious, the police put the school on lock down, sent a robot to inspect the toy and then blew it up.

Thank whatever diety is handy they weren’t taking any chances. Dealing with stuffed animals is not child’s-play.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Police, in full hazmat suits, blew up a stuffed pony left near park, next to an elementary school. As it turns out, on Whisper Glen Court. How many more ominous clues do you need? There can’t possibly be any real, ordinary reason that a toy pony could be found in a place where children would frequent. The pony was obviously up to no good. According to one report, something strange was hanging from its neck. I reviewed the video several times, so I can accurately describe it: It’s called “mane.” All horses have it. Never realized before today how frightening that must be.

Somewhere in Orlando, little Suzy just got a hard lesson in taking care of her toys. Parenting tip for all: Show your kids the video, and tell them if they don’t put their stuff away, the bomb squad will do it for them. Ought to work way better than the “clean your plate because there are starving kids in (fill in third-world country)” line we used to get.

Authorities said the toy is called a FurReal Pony and requires batteries and wiring to give it lifelike sounds and movement. They’re probably pulling them off the shelves as we speak. Can’t have such a dangerous instrument in the hands of ordinary consumers. Who knows what they might do? Give them to children, who would play with them, unaware of the danger? Put in batteries and scare the cat? Wait… that’s a good idea. Gotta run to Walmart. BRB.

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