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What the…

As a long time Bowie fan, I was surprised to hear that he has a new video out that I knew nothing about. Take away my Bowie card now, because, first, I didn’t know about it, and second, I do now, and What. The. Fuck. did I see? “Where Are We Now” is too weird, even for Bowie. Weird is, in fact, too mild a word for the creepy bizarreness of this production.

This video raises nothing but questions. Lots of them.

Who is the chick?
Why isn’t she doing anything?
Is she dead?
Is she the dead person he’s walking?
Is that even legal?
Why are they both ventriloquist dummies?
Why is his house such a mess?
Can’t he afford a housekeeper?
What’s in the big shopping bag?
What the heck is a dschungel? (Never mind. Looked that one up.)
Norway has a song?

I need answers, people. Anyone?

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Men who love sheep. In a good way.

Evidently, shepherds have a lot of time on their hands. In this case it’s a wonderful thing.

YouTube Videos That Are Still Great

Who doesn’t love the Numa Numa guy?

“I Will Survive” Alien

The Yatta video is my all-time favorite mood-lifting, smile-maker video.

What’s not to love about a bunch of skinny guys in their tightie-whities speading joy while singing this silly song?

You’re No One If You’re Not on Twitter (the Twitter Song)

I have a website, blog, facebook account, and I’m on Twitter. Yay! I am somebody!

Red Light, Green Light

I don’t think you can teach a cat how to play Red Light, Green Light. I think it’s part of the hunting instinct.

My daugher thinks my cat isn’t smart enough to play this game. I disagree.

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