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You’re never too young

This little guy proves you can never be too young to rock. He’s going to make a great dance partner some day.

You’re also never too old.

Music reaches inside me and nourishes my soul. I can’t go a day without it. As I listen to music, I dance in my chair, at my desk, in the kitchen while I’m cooking or doing dishes. It moves me. Let it move you.

Let’s Rock!

Limelife got a record deal!

My nephew’s band, Limelife, just won‘s “You Bring the Talent” contest, and won:

  • An Atlantic Records EP deal
  • A music publishing deal with Peer Publishing
  • A booking deal with the Agency Group
  • Distribution through ADA from the Rebel Group &
  • A showcase at the House of Blues in Hollywood

Way to go Phil, Alex, and Brian! I knew you could do it!

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