Yay! I saw the dentist today!

Just by reading the headline, you have no doubt decided I’m nuts. Who likes going to the dentist? Even if you don’t mind it, who thinks it’s a great experience?


I’ve been seeing a wonderful dentist, Dr. Bruce McArthur (in Lakewood, CO), who is helping me get the gorgeous smile I’ve always wanted.

I haven’t been happy with my teeth for several years. I’ve broken, and had repaired, a number of them. The fillings are all different colors. The teeth are not straight.

After a couple of appointments taking care of some teeth that needed immediate care, we launched onto the path of making them beautiful. An appointment for pictures, impressions and evaluation was followed by an appointment to look at the “wax up” of what my new teeth will look like.

Today, after 4 hours in the chair, I left with beautiful temporary veneers on 8 top front teeth. They look so knock-out gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the permanent ones. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the lab is finished creating these masterpieces, so the permanent ones don’t go in until March 18. Honestly, though, no worries. These are such an improvement over what I had, I’m okay with waiting for the new ones.

What do you think?

Gorgeous, huh? Can’t wait for the permanent ones. Then, next, the bottom, and finally, we’ll get rid of the metal fillings in the rest of the teeth. I am totally psyched.

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