Chocolate! (I’ll beta test this anytime)

If you have not been to Roberta’s Chocolates, you are missing the best chocolate you have ever tasted. I was there yesterday, and she stuffed me full of her handmade truffles. They are the absolute best treat. In addition to the usual flavors: fudge, cherry, coconut, mint, irish cream, etc., she has a bunch of new ones she’s developed. Like what? Think: hazelnut, with just the right hint of nut mixed into the densest chocolate you can imagine. Yum. And banana cream pie enrobed in milk chocolate. It tasted exactly like my grandma just pulled a banana cream pie of the Norge and lightly drizzled it with milk chocolate. I wanted to bury my face in it. And then Roberta gave me a pineapple one they just finished. Oh. My. God. It was like I was sitting on a Hawaiian beach, and a native plucked a pineapple from the tree, whacked a chunk off with his machete, and handed it to me, dripping with juice. Times 100. You have to try it.

If you don’t try Roberta’s Chocolates, your life will be empty, devoid of purpose or reason.
Call her: 303-824-2069. Go to her shop: 4840 West 29th Ave., Denver CO 80212, or head to her website:

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