Never Too Weird, Just Weird Enough

Weird Enough Productions is a social impact organization that uses diverse stories to empower young people and the adults that support them. We believe that if we master media’s ability to uplift people, we can equip a whole generation to change the world.

Iris and Influencer

Our award-winning series “The UnCommons” has captured the hearts of over 1 million readers, and continues to lead the way for an exciting new world of stories.


By combining “The UnCommons” with groundbreaking curricula, our education platform “Get Media L.I.T. “ helps young people around the world improve their social emotional wellness, digital citizenship, and literacy skills.

We’re a global collective of creators using media and education to empower young people with a simple idea. As long as you embrace who you are:

You’re Never Too Weird, You’re Just Weird Enough

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